"Usually when a business undergoes new ownership, questions begin to arise. What changes will be made? Will customer service be a priority? How efficient/accurate will things be? At iRoot Electronics, Tyler Brown (new owner) has shown nothing but positive changes to his business. From the second you step into his office, his number one goal is to make sure you leave a satisfied customer. He handles every hiccup and every obstacle professionally, and he will always be honest. So next time you find yourself faced with technical difficulties, stop by iRoot Electronics and meet Tyler. You will NOT regret it! ”

Monica Kuntz, Bend, Oregon

"The guys at iroot are great! Far superior than any other shop in town. They have the best prices on phone repairs as well as computer repair. You can't ask for a better all around shop. I would highly recommend iroot electronics over the iphone guy. I have nothing to complain about with this shop in any way shape or form. A+++"

tony montana, Bend, Oregon

“Fast, reliable, and very modestly priced service from a young family man. I needed my "old" iPhone 5 repaired so I could allow my daughter to use it while abroad, but I also had a real time crunch before I needed to leave to meet her (less than a week.) Nick got the part, made a perfect repair, showed me how far gone my battery was (I had him replace it) and he even threw in a beautiful "spare" screen protector he happened to have. The cost was beyond reasonable. This company DOES NOT PRICE Gouge. My wife had a similarly great experience getting her laptop screen repaired some months back. A great resource in Bend!”

John Corso, Bend, Oregon

“Great service, competitive prices, and fast. Thank you! my phone is a big part of my business. ”

Todd Sorensen, Bend, Oregon

“Repaired my phone twice with excellent results each time. Fast and reasonably priced. Friendly help.”

Anna Kowalski, Bend, Oregon